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Madame Vuckovic's December '16 Foretellings

Madame Vuckovic's December '16 Foretellings

Antonella Castelli's Jupiter
















As 2016 draws to a close; we continue on the path of refining and remodelling our feeling and thinking. In order to lead ourselves forward, in order to keep inspired, we must continue to transform our dreams. It is time to celebrate December's energy. Forgiveness, friendship and commitment to one another are the themes for the 12th month. We are blessed with a Full Moon in Mutable Gemini on the 14th. Soon after, a  New Moon in Capricorn on the 29th begins a whole new chapter that is; 2017. Let go, so you can grow!! Happy Holidays..
Time to lighten up and let your hair down—a beat that’s much more natural to you Saggi's.  The focus is now on you and your goals for the year ahead. Time to draw a line under the  year that was, you can make an adventurous, fresh start now. This birthday year inspires you to dream bigger, do better and never stop walking the long and windy road. December 7 to 16 increases your opportunities with love and money. You should be feeling excited to show your appreciation and affection for a loved one. In social situations you are popular. Share your warmth and be genuine when it comes to pals & co workers. Opportunities abound around the 28th  and may be in your career, or in your personal life. You have the endurance to improve anything you set your mind too! 
The power of structure is important throughout December. You feel deeply rooted to whatever activity you're giving your heart and soul too right now. This is good, as it shows advancement. Mercury will be retrograde twice in Capricorn this year—from January 8 to 25 and again from December 20 to early 2017. Cross off those dates when it comes to negotiations and presentations. You’ll need to refine and revise. Something you enjoy doing. You will find it easier to express yourself around the 18th. Positive energy continues  with a great chance of your inner most desires being fulfilled in the final week of 2016. 
December is a productive month for most Air signs, especially Aquarius. With motivator Mars touring your sign from November 8 to December 19; you are being given an extra push to “do you.” You may sacrifice time over the holidays to devote to a job you are invested in. This can lead to good karma as well as a great sense of personal achievement.  Lady luck is on your side all month. Around the 7th, you are more assertive than known to be. This can cause arguments or conflict with friends & family because of your desire to win. Don't be too stubborn and listen when someone voice's their concern. 


 Pisces, you have had an emphasis on self-development all year, especially when it comes to your professional pursuits. You have reached a high point, give yourself a pat on the back. Saturn is parked in Sagittarius and your career zone until late December 2017 helping you progress and continue blazing a trail. The December Full Moon brings home and family life in the forefront of everything you do. Make sure you are careful with you communications. Choose your words carefully and all will turn out well. The December 29th New Moon could see you extra sensitive or moody. Roll with it, you're at your best when you are truly being you - both positive and negative. 

A busy month ahead, Aries!  You are more in tune throughout December, more aware of your true nature. The inner changes that you go through are all result of a very transformative year. Some long term influences swirling around the 25th/26th will have you feeling in high spirits. Make sure you stick to a routine when the Gemini moon is full on the 14th. Whatever you're after at this time is within reach, you almost have an electric energy. There is positive development in the business sphere which you have been working towards for some time, implement practicality every step of the way. It will help in the long run.
Early on in the month, people will be drawn to your strong presence and charisma Taurus! December puts the focus on your thinking and communications, making this a very busy time mentally. You will be dealing with lots of interactions. Reshuffling in the work place is possible now. The 27th is a perfect time to sign any type of contract or think of new goals for the future. Career advancement is a huge possibility as you are more confident in your skills & potential, 2016 really pushed you to awareness. Take care of health matters before the holiday season is in full swing, as you won't have much time to focus on yourself after the 29th.
As such a versatile sign Gemini, get ready to collaborate throughout December. Don't go things alone! There is power in numbers this month. Your ruler Mercury turns retrograde four times in 2016, each time forcing you to review your finances and polish up your professional presentation. Refine, review and revise. The Mercury Retrograde dates are from December 19th - January 8, 2017, watch for unnecessary spending. You should be feeling confident, proud and enthusiastic. This is an excellent time to make real progress. Romantically speaking, its a huge month for twins.  Give an opportunity time to develop. Favourable circumstances spin themselves around people from the past, lost love and giving it another go! 
You could find yourself at the center of the action, organizing, gathering this month, Cancer. Be practical, and put off making major changes that you have not thought through carefully. Bridge love & peace in your heart by taking care of unfinished business. A period of appreciation for those you love and care about is upon you. A need for kindness, gentleness is a theme in everything you do. Focus on friendship and love around the 12th. This year has generally given you a chance to slowly build toward your goals. The full moon may make you somewhat restless, you could be looking for a new way to make money. Avoid distractions that come from workplace gossip.
LEO - 
For Leo's, December brings a period of quiet regeneration. A desire to clear out stuff, simplify. Subtle pressures from the expectations of bosses/co workers could make you a little tense. You should aim to work behind the scenes & master your craft. You’ll put on a great presentation before the Saturn cycle ends in December 2017. Family matters could be both heartwarming and stressful this holiday season. Leo's, try and set healthy boundaries. Go with the flow when it comes to intimate relationships,  let the majority of events develop in their own timing, without your active intervention. This will ensure that everything is meant to be. 
Virgo, Saturn is perched on your home and family sector until December 2017 helping you strengthen your roots. The last weeks of November had you in the lead role, so don't be surprised if you have a chance for a little breather as you enter the calmer waters of December. You may have become much more assertive and outspoken over the last few weeks. Recent business events may have caused more stress than you care to admit. As December progresses, especially around the 17th a stronger sense of clarity and self-confidence opens up to you. Virgo's need a little push toward courage every now and then, let this be it! 
This entire year, solid Saturn has moved through Sagittarius & your third house of kindred spirits and communication. You have had your fair share of  reliable companions crossing your path, making themselves known. No wonder, love has featured so heavily on the brain. You are feeling a sense of completion and wanting something stable; intense emotions tend to run high and low from the 19th. Building strong business foundations for the new year will take centre stage as January begins. Forces acting behind the scenes are helping you, which could manifest as assistance from peers and friends. The 15th is an excellent time to make real progress with the things in life that mean a lot to you.
Plant your feet on solid ground and stay there a while, Scorpio. It's been an intense few months. Remember, stability brings serenity. Positive energy continues to increase for the first few days of December. Your karma in life is tied with self- love. In general, your personal values and your conception of love need to evolve and be transformed. This will be a major theme for 2017. Start by preparing yourself now, forgive and move on from past hurts. The Full moon in Gemini will be energizing all communications and interactions with other people. This will be a very busy period but these interactions are fruitful if you are patient and aware.