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Madame Vuckovic's August '17 Foretellings

Madame Vuckovic's August '17 Foretellings

Hold onto your hats!!! The whimsicality of this month is setting a fire under us all. Whatever emotion you're feeling strongly, trust that those around you are feeling it too. Knowing you're not alone is always a balm for healing. In this healing, we find ourselves able to love, selflessly. With Mercury Retrograde beginning on the 13th until early September, be sure to watch communications, contracts, and travel plans. As if this month isn't wild enough, we have a Lunar eclipse in Aquarius on the 7th. A yod is also formed in Leo, the universe is focusing on the bigger picture and igniting the journey. You are the main star in your story. You are the hero. Continuing, we are graced by a Leo Solar Eclipse on the 22nd. A very spiritual time indeed. This month is great for redirecting, we learn always by a step forward, to step into life, rather than away. Jump in from the deep end, it may look frightening but it will reward you with a more entertaining story~ 



LEO - 

Your world is turned upside down this month. All eyes are on you. And, your eyes are on new beginnings, they have been since end of July with the New Moon in Leo. Uranus and Mercury are retrograde and they are blazing right through to Solar eclipse in Leo on the 21st. Self mastery. Leo rules the heart, so that means this month - come from the heart. Think of your current situation, is it your heart’s desire? Your curiosity is spiked. Energy is uniting around you and calling you home. What feels right for you? Act on it, and don't ask advice of others. This is a question only you can answer. You are most definitely in the spot light this month, with a Lunar eclipse in your 7th house. A possible change in romance. A hugely important time to improve your intimate relationships. A wonderful time for re-looking at personal finances. Shifting in every sense of the word, in every possible way is August's theme. The 23rd poses a question; what gift do you have, that is so effortless for you - that you can make money off? The 21st of the month is a Solar eclipse in your own sign, brining more harmony and flow into your life.



Raise your vibration. You're on the edge of success, Virgo. A big change in plans and direction. The 7th of the month is a Lunar Eclipse in your 6th house of work/health. If something has been bothering you, this eclipse will trigger an outbreak. Opportunities for work are changing, you need to be drastic and make the transition. Don't sit around and adapt if you don't enjoy the situation you're in. With Mercury (your ruler) retrograde, you're the thinker of the zodiac. What are your beliefs. Time to really go within. Changing internal self is powerful because it is only then you see outer change. Venus joins Mars on the 22nd and with your birthday month coming up, the unseen draws much joy. Time to see the lighter side of your life, keep your humor. You will need it. September will give you a chance to catch your breath and perhaps go on vacation, make sure whatever you're doing - your heart’s in it.



Ask and it will be given, Libra. You are feeling confident as the month begins. Everything that comes to fruition this month shows you that recently you made the right decision. It could have been a business decision or a romantic one. A powerful Eclipse month, Mercury also goes retrograde in the middle of the month until September 6th. On the 7th of the month the first eclipse in Aquarius is in your 5th house. Creativity and pleasure are sparked. Life for you is changing, and you must keep moving forward. If you feel compelled to let someone or something go, this is the perfect month for it. Whatever you put into action this month, will be coming into fruition next year in February. Around the 20th, you could start pondering on the past. Past loves, emotions, and hurts come up. Meeting someone unexpectedly that can be super valuable to you in the near future happens around the 22nd. Give yourself a pat on the back for surviving the last few months, you will feel a balance of the scales soon.



A powerful month for healing and moving forward. As per usual the key theme is drive. Ambition is your friend, Scorpio. You are really focused. You want to move to the next level. It’s time for you to be doing this. Your 4th house is activated on the 7th, triggering much magic. A change in environment is imminent. What actions do you need to take? Lately, you may have been sitting on the fence regarding an intimate issue. Someone has proved to be exactly what you wish they weren't. From the 13th of the month, Mercury retrogrades. Hold off on signing a contract, it will not be beneficial for you. Re-evaluating your social circle will come up during this time. Be staunch. Jupiter is coming into your sign in October, this doesn't happen every year. It is extremely auspicious. Surprises can happen and they will, sit tight! 



You've had some big life changes so far, Saggi. You may be in a place you didn't quite expect. Your departure may have left things sizzling. This month, a past problem gets resolved. Soul mate relationships are accentuated. Right off the bat we have the Lunar eclipse in Aquarius. What did you wish for in February that is coming into fruition now. Belief systems are sparked. It is a great time, especially with Mercury retrograde to begin work on personality patterns and how they may hinder you. Positive changes are needed in relationships, you're in the driver seat. Get going. Reflect, look at the bigger picture - but take things in baby steps. The energy is moving forward and we are growing with it. If you're working with the energy that is around, you will reap benefits by the 22nd. Let the month serve you well. Other people may be dwindling but you're star is on the rise.



A fresh new start in something is highlighted. That zest & zing is brought back into life, Capricorn. The Lunar Eclipse is in your 2nd house of money, big changes are triggered. How are you spending, how are you saving, but most importantly how do you feel secure? You often get tunnel vision when it comes to your talents, try to see a wider point of view. Try not to sign anything unless it has been in the works for longer than 2 months. From the 17th you might be taken back to a place you've previously enjoyed. A Solar Eclipse on the 21st is joined by the Sun and Mars. Time for you to deeply connect yourself to values, family and friendship. You are being asked to delve deeper. You have huge potential to truly open in an intimate relationship. You're looking at trusting somebody and sensing where you may have been closed in the past. Capi's are generally very protective over themselves, but now is the time to step into something that may scare you, but also evolve you.



A karmic relationship is of huge focus this month, Aquarius. The whole of August is based purely on you and your relationships. You have a special month as the Lunar eclipse is in your 1st house on the 7th and it is extremely supportive of you. Positive energy to work with is a blessing. There is major financial opportunity around the 11th. Don't be rash with communication, you may be extra impulsive. Be patient. Being a fixed sign, sometimes you don't enjoy change. However, the tables are turning and you are in control. Everything is to do with you this month! A powerful time to look at what turns you on, not just sexually! The next 6 months, start to roll out a new & improved you. You have so much power inside, use it to love yourself, to respect yourself. And, in turn love and respect others the way they deserve. With Uranus as your ruler, you are great at manifesting. The Solar Eclipse in your 7th house joins the Sun & Mars, it breathes fresh air into old relationships. Even if it brings an ending of sorts, be thankful. 



New direction this month, Pisces. A wonderfully potent time for manifestation begins. You will hear great news when the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius happens. Something is finishing, something you have worked long & hard on. Receiving insight is significant and you may have a lot of deja vu. A dynamic month. Heal yourself. Huge focus with Mars in Leo. How do you feel mentally, spiritually, and physically? Are you where you want to be psychologically? Tapping into your curiosity has never been hard work for you. Use it this month. You want to change something in career potentially, and may have been feeling this for a long period of time. If you've been doing your homework you will begin to see pay off with Saturn moving direct on the 25th. Saturn rewards integrity and hard work. The better you feel, the better the outlook. Something could be coming up that is truly ideal for you, it may not be so obvious until the Pisces moon in September. Keep your eyes peeled.



Many Aries, are navigating their way to a new beginning or a new life all together. A great time to set new goals on the 7th with the Lunar eclipse as it will be in your 11th house. You are being given an opportunity to retract from things that don't serve you. A feeling of excitement seeps into everything you do from the 12th onward. Work, health, and being of service to others are activated. How are you feeling generally, Aries? Ask yourself some personal questions and give yourself time to answer them truthfully. The first part of the month, business/promotion is off to a flying start. You get up and get things moving. Focus on your work, get some order in your life as the next few weeks really quicken the pace of your life. The 27th finishes off very positively, in a romantic way. Someone comes to you with a lightness of being and it is a breath of fresh air, the most unexpected individual is the one that holds the potential. 



An opportunity to change the direction of your life is upon you! All kinds of business possibilities are around you, Taurus. If negative situations occur in business, use it as motivation to perhaps look into working for yourself or changing locations. What long held wish in regards to business, do you hold? This month is huge in regards to strong cosmic energy, so it may very well come to fruition. Around the Leo Solar eclipse (21-22) family and foundation could be thought provoking. A past love may come back. You have positive energy around you this month. Finding the balance that you've been seeking is coming closer. You have been searching for harmony lately, and really trying many different avenues. You've been serious and now a lot of laughter makes its way into your life. Shake off a little responsibility as the month comes to an end, only then can creative self expression and joy move in.



Many of you are in a transitional phase. You've recently adapted to a new set of circumstances and passed with flying colors. Both eclipses this month are super positive for Gemini. With the Lunar eclipse in Aquarius (your sister sign), you begin a slow reveal of power. Academic pursuits go well in this time. Your manifestations are potent, and most things you say this month have the ability of coming to fruition in a very short time. Sometimes you forget in the magic brewing around you. August is a good reminder. Speaking, writing, knowledge, and abstract thoughts make up most of the month. You are understanding things better. You have clarity. You move on from a previous angst. However, eclipses can also begin things. From the 20th you start seeing how you fit into the larger picture. You're standing on the threshold of a major moment. Let yourself be stirred.



You're on a home run, Cancer and boy does it feel good! A brilliant month for signing contracts, even with mercury in retro. A long held business goal is coming up. The 7th of the month brings a Lunar Eclipse that shines a light into your 8th house. You may have had a drastic change in your life as of late and are still reeling from it. Trust in your intuition, you have a whole lot of power you forget to own. You have a good money month, use all the opportunities that come your way. August is good for looking at intimacy and trust issues. Have you recently come into alignment with your feelings? Perhaps it was you who bent the trust in a relationship and the next weeks will have you looking far deeper into why you may have. Leave extra time for travel as we are in retrograde till the 6th of Sept. If things don't go to plan, laugh it off. It will come full circle within a matter of days and you'll be thankful you kept the mood light.