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Madame Vuckovic's April '18 Foretellings

Aries Ruling Planet Mars



In true Aries form, we have a cosmically demanding month ahead. However, it is important to note that an Aries enjoys overcoming difficulties and will go out of their way to challenge the opposition. Just so, the first Mercury retrograde for 2018 started on the 22nd March, and occurs entirely in Aries. This Mercury retrograde can bring about some heated forcefulness. It ends on the 15th, the day of the Aries New Moon. I think you can gather with all this fire energy, exactly what I mean by 'demanding month'. With so much movement it will be important to slow down. Trust the process, everything you need comes just in time. Keep in mind, there is the possibility of recapturing the things that seem to have been lost. This couldn't be more in line with the Scorpio Full Moon that falls on the 29th. Put you cards on the table and tell the world how you feel. This moon has a strong theme of Scorpion energy; be firm, determined, and always remember to take heart.


Happy Birthday to all the courageous, head strong, and very bright Ram's out there. It is a month of awakening, Aries. An enthusiastic friendship is currently filling a large place in your emotional life. Lately, you've been feeling a lot more generous and perhaps frank with those around you. It worked wonders and you may be in a new position you hadn't imagined yourself in. This new energy and luck could be thanks to Chiron the unique comet, who is in your corner, backing you every step of the way. However, Mercury is still retrograde in your sign until the 16th, one thing at a time helps the project run smoother then trying everything and finishing nothing. Mars is in your 10th house, work and relationships can be given a push forward if you're focused on a specific outcome that is realistic. The 15th is powerful to say the least, thanks to an Aries New moon. Many of you have the opportunity for a fresh start. If you have recently left a job, a partner, an old home, expect something new to come forward now. From the 16th, you are moving onwards and upwards. Following that the 25th signals Venus entering your 3rd house, connections are the magic of life and meeting someone you feel close with instantly has great probability. The Full Moon at the end of the month, appears in your 6th house, so think back to early March as this has direct links to this theme.


A high functioning Taurean, has a steadfast mind, unshakable power, and heart warming humour. Remember this about yourself as the going gets a little tough. That being said, it is a great month for business and more than ever, things start moving faster. For much of the month, Venus sits in Taurus. So, issues on boundaries may arise. Have the energy to negotiate. Your independence should not depend on anyone. From the 5th, you may be giving someone an ultimatum. As a stubborn Bull, every now and then, understand that your intensity no matter how good you believe it may be can scare someone away. Don't let someone shut down when you could be giving them stable ground to open up on.  It can be an empowering time for softening your heart. Things are within grasp, you must believe it more. The Full Moon falls in your 5th house, something may be coming to culmination. Direct yourself towards what you love. For far too long you might have stuck with a job that gives you no creative outlet or with a partner that doesn't believe in your dreams. April is an intense month just like March, so if you don't get much reprieve, know that some is on the way in the coming months ahead.


Pace yourself, Gemini. You have a keen desire for intellectual stimulation this month and it will be the driving force behind everything you choose to do. It is said that a Gemini knows his own business best, so this month don't pay too close attention to someone else's advice. With Mercury still retrograde until the 16th, you won't be able to get everything done as fast as you'd hoped. Allow for a few digressions, a change of subject might make it better than before. From the 17th, you're given a great opportunity to focus your energy and think about friendships. If you have been a little erratic with friends lately, know that a lot of that has to do with all the Aries energy. Make up and move on. April 20th shines a light on your inner self, as the sun enters your 12th house and joins Venus there. Your birthday is coming up, so take some time out and tune into what you want and how you feel. Start setting clear intentions, talk about them to those close to you and begin to see things take form. The Scorpio moon in your 4th house is fortunate. It makes home and family a big priority, enjoy feeling sentimental as the month comes to a close.


The essential force that drives any and every Cancerian, is adaptability mixed with great tenacity. As Mercury is still in retrograde until the middle of the month, tidying up loose ends is what the first weeks are about. It is about making your life easier. Mars and Saturn are in your 7th house all month. Therefore, putting much needed energy into existing relationships you may have forgotten about is a big topic. You could have been reflecting these past few months, the past and future are as real to you as the present. On the 15th of the month, the Aries moon falls in your 10th house and shines a light on your life direction. A new beginning in career is on its way. With Venus entering your 12th house on the 25th, your affections are strong and you have a high maternal element to your life. Perhaps, you are mothering a new lover, a friend or a parent. The Full Moon falls in your 3rd house, this will have many connections to how you felt at the end of March. Develop your communication skills, you will be speaking guiding words to those around you.


Living life as a Leo, you put your faith and trust in your convictions. You give those around you courage and let them strive to fulfil your expectations. Sometimes they do, other times they don't. That’s just life. This month you are very focused on business with Mars in Capricorn. The dates surrounding the 11th could leave you feeling frustrated with how slow things seem to be going, be patient. The Mercury energy in your 9th house could help you find something you thought you lost. April's theme seems to be conscious awareness, marketing yourself to the world and developing new skills. The Aries moon lets you heal some old baggage, this could have a lot to do with a new love that is making its way through to you. Or it could potentially be a past lover who comes back, don't overthink it. You have a very spiritual connection with this person and there is not much you can do about it. Learning to surrender can be a mighty accomplishment for a Leo, resist the urge to blow it off and play around. Let them guide you. Venus enters your 11th house on the 25th, you feel a common goal between you and your community. Whatever was activated for you at the end of March will be completed now.


This month, like most others you feel a keen desire for intellectual conversation. Virgos can be somewhat critical of themselves and others. April appreciates your critical side as it brings about exceptional success in the workplace. Your ruler, Mercury, is in retrograde until the 16th. It is time to get your finances in order and clear the decks. Moving ahead with big projects seems to be your flavour of the month. Your 8th house is activated which has a lot to do with money, debts, assets, and who you share money with. With Mars in your 5th house we are reminded that the Virginian heart can't be easily melted. Once you are in the comforts of love though, it glows bright in all that you do and can take a long time to cool. You may be in the grips of love, romance, and intimacy as Venus is in your 10th house. You may want to re-define how you feel about love or the one you love. The Scorpio Full moon on the 29th is important for you, it shines a light on how you want to be seen. Despite your kind and charming personality, (you turn it on when you need to) you have found yourself highly critical lately, painting a unflattering portrait of someone. Be concise and clear, but see things for what they are. At times, even you can be too quick to judge.  


A Libran's self sacrificing nature can be one of their eccentricities and work in many favours for them. Mars is incredibly strong this month, so early on in the month you may get some type of message that really resonates. A family member is giving you good insight. Try not to argue this month, as there may be a power struggle with a business partner, colleague, or friend. The 14th/15th New Moon can make you impulsive, coupled with the fact that Uranus has a strong influence over you in this time, you could surprise someone. However, Mercury also turns direct on the 15th so things get smoothed out quickly. You're measuring up if things are lining up in a specific relationship, you could have recently been pushing for an outcome that might not be truly meant for you. You will recognise truth in the third week of April. You are only responsible for your half of the relationship. Don't be guilted. Don't shut your eyes to it. Many of you have wholesome, well balanced personality elements that run through your nature and set you apart from others you encounter in this life. Things start to feel harmonious as the 19th comes around. Own your power and be appreciative of the good around you.



Although many Scorpion's enjoy the intensities of life, lately you could have felt a difficulty in expressing your inner thoughts and feelings to those close by. This month’s theme could be looked at as “the harder the task, the more you seem to rise to it.” Don't be attached to outcome, as Mars your co-ruler, plays a hard taskmaster early this month. A powerful cosmic energy is about and you feel productive after the 15th when Mercury turns direct. The 6th house is activated and a new work promotion, opportunity, or boss could offer success. On the 20th the Sun and Venus come together in the area of love. You are deeply moved by someones declaration of love. You are expressive by nature, sometimes a little too much, but can shy away from big demonstrations of any kind. If someone does lay their heart on the line, accept it with grace. The Full Moon in your own sign happens in your 11th house, this means that emotions and self esteem are strongly linked to the women in your life. A Gemini female could be especially trying in this time. Watch out for tension and take note of the patterns in your behaviour you outwardly display that can be strange and unenthusiastic.


You're being offered something big in a very minimal way, Sagittarius. Be wise enough to observe it and wise enough to say yes. A fresh start in one aspect of your life is here. It is quite monumental. Many of you will feel it before you see it. With Mercury still in retrograde it’s a good time to realign, reassess, and relax. From the 16th onwards, you complete something you started in early March. The Aries new moon falls in your 5th house, so once again some sort of romance is highlighted. Your creativity is ignited and you find a new way to show your passion. Later on in the month the Sun joins Venus in your 6th house on the 20th. A work situation plays out favourably and you might need to contribute to a community cause. Many of you may have international travel this month. It can be an unexpected turn of events that take you on these travels. Peace and harmony are weaving their way into your life. You may have compromised a lot over the last 6 months, but things are finally starting to calm down.


You're not an easy type to analyse, Capricorn. Many of you have a strong sense of social and political standards that you adhere too. Sometimes, your enthusiasm can be slow to awaken but when it does, it grows with force and determination. Just as well, as the Aries energy this month is intense. Paired with the fact that Mars, Saturn, and Pluto are in Capricorn, you can bet the light is shining right on you. On the 7th, you have a smooth day for business deals. Negotiations are made swiftly and simply! When Mercury turns retrograde on the 15th, the pace quickens. You are streamlining your health, goals, and plans for the year. In other words, you're getting things done. You hold the keys to the future. A positive financial situation is going to have a good turn around, you will see significant results in something you've worked long and hard on. An extremely positive trait you hold is adaptability. Something tells me you will need it this month in regards to romance, especially with a Scorpio moon on the 29th. It is true that Capricorns get better with age, so use your wit and conversation to give the gift of love to those close.


Your extraordinary range of vision does not go unnoticed this month, Aquarius. One of your best traits is willingness to learn from anyone. You operate on a different level than most because you are aware that you don't really know much at all. It leaves space for many of your friends to enjoy your kooky advice and feel safe in your non judgement. With Mars all month in your 12th house, you have some heavy energy to work through. Talk to someone that you trust, maybe it's time you hear some advice. Many of you, have recently been reflecting on your communications. Break through old patterns that do not serve you anymore. If you have been feeling stagnant, know that it is because you have outgrown some aspect of your emotional life. Thriving in chaos is something you're accustomed too and on the 17th, be ready for a curveball. The 20th Venus joins the Sun in your 4th house, family harmony is in your surroundings. You are going back to a place that feels like home, even if for a short while.


As a Pisces, remaining indifferent can work very well for you. For many of you however, what’s more important is allowing your inner self to dream, feel, and grow. With Saturn hanging about it’s reminding you to be practical and strategic, two things you don't overly enjoy. Jupiter will harmonise for the Aries new moon, it is about being focused on your future. So the dates surrounding the 15th, you will travel and build on your talents. Many of you, early on in life realise that life is a play and the world is your stage. Chiron leaves Pisces and enters Aries, so with a more sobering energy circling, you can knuckle down on spending and over spending. It really comes back to self worth and self esteem. With the Sun entering Taurus on the 20th, you will feel more grounded. You begin to know where you stand, Pisces. A truth is delivered and the dust is finally settling. Speaking your truth through love and clarity is a wonderful thing. You can breathe a sigh of relief in the coming days of April.