Madame Vuckovic's April '17 Foretellings











Go forward and keep it moving, the fire blazing Aries birthday season has arrived. Time to evolve. Time to re-work, re-try and reinitiate. This month it’s important to hold onto a “beginner's mind.” April needs you to fulfill new situations with an openness, eagerness, and a lack of preconception. Cultivate harmony whatever way you know how. The Libra full moon helps with that on the 11th. This is a time of optimism and the days that follow may feel extremely lucky. Mercury Retrograde comes to screw up communication on the 9th until early May. It’s a time of transformation, just make sure what you say, you truly mean. A new moon on the 26th in Taurus is practical with a 'matter of fact' attitude about it. The Taurus new moon helps us whip our lives into shape. Come to know the voice of your heart and whenever you are lost, pay close attention. It is showing you truth. 





A brand spanking new chapter begins, Aries. This is your time, the Taurus New Moon toward the end of the month will only capitalize on the happy vibe. Things are cyclical and you're feeling it more than ever, someone from the past may be re-working themselves into your life. You also have Mars bringing you prosperity around the 12th. What you do in the world, income and increase is happening in the first week. The Libra full moon is merging new and stimulating ideas and opinions, you want to take action. Keep your eyes and ears open, you will be getting signs from the cosmos. Power struggles at work could come to a head. Try to stay aware, it’s not personal. The next few weeks will have you in the spotlight. When you let your heart do the leading, your head gains some fresh new insights. 



You are feeling strong going into April, Taurus. Your life style may be up for questioning. How do you feed yourself emotionally, physically, psychologically? Life/work balance is highlighted, especially during the Libra moon. New feelings seem foreign but could be a key to a dramatic change of thinking. Improvement is your word for the month. Work on reflecting, reviewing and getting ready for the New Moon in your own sign. It’s time to address any imbalance. How is it all serving you, how could you be happier? This has re-ignited an inner search that you've been trying to suppress. You are the one you've been searching for.



You're thinking differently these days, Gemini. New information has reversed previous thoughts and you are feeling intellectually stimulated. The full moon is in your sister sign, Libra. A power struggle or tug of war of emotions, in regards to relationships, what you want vs. what they want is the headliner. It could be a little disruptive, however come to understand that the challenges you face are for the best. Don't get distracted. The Libra moon brings a truly progressive time where you will ride the wave of energy. Areas of romance and true love are up for review. As a matter of fact, the entire month will show any imbalance you may have in partnerships. This can only be good, because we have opportunities to correct and move ahead instead of being stuck in the same position. 



Emotional support and satisfaction are high on the priority list this month. A month where a lot is happening, you are benefiting from changes as Saturn is in harmonious energy with the sun. Work habits and life style are being straightened out. Many Cancers are seeking emotional satisfaction. You don't want fake, you want real and raw. You need to sense feelings of fulfillment in relationships to begin a soul connection. It is very possible that you have given up a few relationships since the beginning of the year. Who you let into your space is very important to you. Mercury Retrograde is definitely a time for reflection. What do you want to accomplish before the end of 2017? Marinate on it until the 3rd of May then jump to it.



It can be challenging energy this month, keep a sense of humor and adjust to going with the flow. It’s important to be flexible with the promises people are trying to keep. Venus turns direct on the 15th - which means bonus money, other people’s money could be bringing you an extra, sweet surprise. Leo, taking care of health, doing what relaxes and strengthens you is super important around the 15th. At times life can feel like a wild roller coaster. There is also a grand fire trine for you, essentially what it means is not to give up. New pieces of life are coming in for you and things are slowly working out in your favor. The destiny that life holds for you is what you're moving towards. 



Aries lights up a part of Virgo that shows you how to embrace all the good things and not so good things in your life. It has been a strange little path you've been on lately, but the light always reaches you just in time. You need to grasp the idea of unconditional self love. Virgo, you have an action packed month until the 20th and then things start to slow down and come together. People could be irritating you with their confusion. Intimacy and deep connection and how you value other people is up for discussion. The Libra moon focuses on value. It seems as though others are trying to make you compromise your values. Stay clear minded. Do not bend or take risks - don't get caught up with someone who is being too much.



Intellectually a great month, you're making head way especially with the Libra full moon. Mercury Retrograde will hamper the mood this month, Libra. This month is all about you, growth and multiple opportunities come knocking. Go after what you want after the 15th, and don't take no for an answer now. Owning your power is something sensationally enriching. It has power that magnifies each time you step into your own worth. Hidden agendas of others can come to light at the end of the month. As a Libra you are attracted to firm, fiery and impulsive people, look out for these sorts of individuals this month. Ask for what you want, use this Aries influence to get what you need and to stop sitting in the shadows of your life.



The sun in Aries is activating a time to expect the unexpected. As the month begins, you feel strong and in charge. However, the second week of April begins making you feel over whelmed. It is as though the volumes been turned up. The Libra full moon makes the work place unpredictable. Don't feel misplaced, this energy is manifesting for everyone is many different ways. The past is also a big theme this month as Venus steps back into Pisces. You could meet someone and feel as though you've done this with them before. A sense of deja vu. Don't let outside chaos impact new friendships or partnerships. Handle with care until the 22nd, Scorpio. 



Keep a sense of humor when things go side ways. Thankfully, it’s only the first week that can be jam packed with turbulence. The full moon in Libra focuses on friends who you can count on throughout April. It is dynamic for you in the sense that you can inject some positive, drastic action. You might not be expressing yourself right, or could be playing it too safe. Towards the 18th the universe is waking you up to grow. Move forward, try new things and drop pretense. With Saturn in your sign these past few years so much has been going on in the inner self. You are exhausted. You are changed. A few new beginnings this month, after all, that is the energy fire signs like Aries and yourself bring to the table.



The action is behind the scenes, Capricorn. The answer this month is in taking your power back. Giving yourself the pat on the back instead of reaching for someone else. Issues towards taking care of yourself have been highlighted for some time now. Finishing up with unfinished business is also a theme that is inherent within April. Give yourself support, ask for help when you require it. Something that can be difficult to do for Capris. What have you learned about power, how have you transformed? Your profession and path in the world are helped by a Jupiter effect. Things are picking up by May, a great path will have opened up for you. Forgotten dreams are reopened as Saturn pushes you through. 



Aquarius always goes the extra mile for those they care about. Changes lately may have felt as though they were pushed on you. As if it really wasn't your decision to make. Luck is on its way especially if you've had an emotionally draining few weeks. Adventure or travel might pop up unexpectedly after the Libra moon. Ride the wave and be amazed at how harmonious this full moon is for you. Jupiter is also working for you, it’s OK to reflect now. The 9th of April is telling you to wait before you commit. Be careful when signing papers and look at other peoples actions and not just responses. A month to network, getting out in the community and speaking with like minded individuals will refuel the inner fire.



An incredibly creative month, Pisces. Positive insightful energy and revelations are being opened up to you. A full moon in Libra stirs the pot in regards to other people. What do you love and value?  A period of self awareness is essential. Venus in Pisces, around the 2nd, brings prosperity and love. A gift is being given to you. The 8th and the 21st are dates to watch out for, challenging aspects could show how you're not contributing to society. Anything can happen, anything can be.  Any creative pursuit is magnified now, you are seeing and sensing things that are in another dimension. Bring it back down to earth. Towards the beginning of May, start thinking on how you have been giving your power away. Release what has been holding you back.

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