Chronicles from a Fashion Week First-Timer

Upon my arrival, I took a cab to our humble flat just around the corner from Le Jardin du Luxembourg in Saint- Suplice.  Word goes that Catherine Deneuve lives in the neighborhood! It's rather perfect- quiet, but there's a school around the corner so there is a constant hum of kids playing. I used to live across from a park in NY, so I found this incredibly comforting.
I was a bit off tempo when I arrived. My boyfriend Ryan had encouraged me to try out his trick for avoiding jetlag. He told me to stay awake for the whole flight and until nighttime in France. It was 3 am LA time when I landed, so I just took a shower and brushed my teeth and tricked myself into thinking it was morning. For the record,it actually worked quite well... I was only a bit sleep deprived but I'll take that over jet lag any day!
We went to Cafe du Flore and had a lovely breakfast on a small circular table outside. In typical Parisian fashion, the tables were spaced so closely together it was nearly impossible not to eavesdrop. The guy sitting next to us was talking about his collaboration with Chanel.  Welcome to Fashion Week.
I had a delicious omelette au jambon et fromage (bien sur!) and an espresso as Lisa told me about The Row's presentation the previous day. It was at the Chateau de Caronces and it was complete with a moat and silver goblets with Marlboro cigarettes. So Mary Kate and Ashley.
After a trip to Bon Marche to scope out the heavenly selection of socks and designer wears (shoe section was not very exciting...), it was time to get dressed for the Vetements runway show. I wore my new Jacquemus skirt with a fitted light blue cardigan and my silver Margiela tabi boots (Demna Gvasalia, the spearheading designer of the collective design team of Vetements is a Margiela alum). Also, the silver matched the silver of the oversized O-ring fastening the skirt together perfectly. It was my first time going to a runway show, so it took me a few tries to arrive at this ensemble... 
The venue was a dim sum restaurant in Belleville.  Think: lots of red everywhere, aquariums, security screens and an over the top staircase for the models to flow out of.  It's hard to imagine how all the runway shoes used to be at the same venue back in the day- designers can truly set the tone now. We rushed out early to give ourselves ample time for people watching. I mean,Vetements is basically known for its streetwear aesthetic, so this was a must. 
I first caught on to them last Fall when I saw their boots with lighters as heels. The cartoonish platforms with stars the following season really sealed the deal. They are famed for their cut up and restitched denim and deconstructed floral dresses with long panels of color that have been popping up on fashion week street style shots all over the world.  There are a lot of oversized proportions and interplay between front and back.  They seem to have been on everyone's radar... The latest news is that Balenciaga just signed Deman on as the new artistic director of Balenciaga!
As you'd expect, the show attracted quite a crowd, young and old.  Buyers, press and what seemed like a cast of characters. Kanye West was there but I didn't spot him.   We had to wait a good deal of time before the show started- maybe they were waiting for him?
Next thing I knew the show began. The pace was fast and exciting to a mixed soundtrack ofsymphony orchestra and metal. It suited the show perfectly!  There was a weave of chairs that the models had to navigate. As the models turned the maze you would suddenly notice a gorgeous cut out in the back. I felt as though i was missing everything and my head was nearly spinning to take it all in. 
The best way I can describe the look is as ice princess biker meet prairie girl meth lab punk. There were butcher's aprons and sunken western boots in printed Mexican table cloths and outrageous reworked DMX leather jackets. And the dresses! Stunning high necklines juxtaposed with open ruffled backs. Next thing I know I'm whipped in the leg by a very long and very goth studded belt being worn around the model's neck like a collar and leash. It all felt very real!
To top the night off, we had the most amazing meal Chez Robert et Louise in the Marais. A very old school rustic restaurant with stone walls, meat cooking on an open griddle in the room and food served on a cutting board. I had the pork chops and I devoured them.  It's a total must!
You can expect some very special Vetements shoes this Spring at Mona Moore...I'm sure it will be very different from what everyone else ordered!  All and all, it's been such a busy week and we've been a bit overwhelmed by all the wonderful things we've been seeing!  I can't wait to share more.

In the meantime, you can follow our travels on Instagram @monamoore. 

Now, we are off to our final appointment with The Row :)

P.S. I wish I had the chance to bring these Haider Ackermann stiletto boots with me...  With the 3" peg heel, they are so incredibly comfortable and chic.  We actually spotted our friend Linda wearing them in the showroom at Haider Ackermann.  Love!
Posted by Lucy Bull On October 14, 2015
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