Chronicles from a Fashion Week First-Timer

Our trip to Paris was a whirlwind buying adventure.  We pretty much were running from appointment to appointment.  Luckily, we were able to cap off each day with the most delectable meals and wine.  This is the run down of some places of note, along with some snaps of the shoes we wore along the way.

 I started my trip off with my Cherevichkiotvichki 6-Hole Boots at the airport (what else?).  I arrived to Saint Suplice to find Lisa in her matching boots!  We’re so predictable like that…These are currently sold out, but luckily they will be available in a petrol blue waxed suede very soon! Shoot me an email if you'd like to reserve your size!

Hermione Flats by Tabitha Simmons at the National Opera de Paris.  

The carpet-print velvet flats paired with contrast socks seemed perfectly suited for the decadence of the National Opera de Paris.  The ballet itself was magical.  The theatre had the most stunning mural by Chagall and during the intermissions, we got lost in the many rooms with bats and serpents on the ceilings.  There were three acts- starting more modern and ending more traditional.  It was lovely and light.  Throughout the show, my mind just drifted, entranced by the movement, the story, the costume design and the lighting.  The costumes designed by Iris Van Herpen for the first act were especially cool- futuristic metallic two-piece leotards.

 Margiela Silver Tabi Boots at Cafe du Flore.  Cafe du Flore offers the true Parisian cafe experience of people watching and atmosphere.  I had the omelette and it was delicious.

(Psst: Matching silver bag that I wish I had HERE.  So Barbie in the best way!)

Cherevichkiotvichki & Margiela in the bathroom of the Maison Margiela showroom.  Trompe l’oiel floors with deer hooves and Huckleberry Finn boots, oh my! 

Cherevichkiotvichki Houndstooth Moccasins at Buly, a magical cosmetics store that feels like a cabinet of curiosities.  They have nail polish in the most unique colors like terra-cotta red and rosey mauve & not to mention, the best packaging!

We went to La Rotisserie later that night with our friend Cecilia of the blog Le Paradox (a must-read!).  Sad to say that we forgot to take a picture, but we were all wearing Cherevichkiotvichki shoes! La Rotisserie is an old-school spot across from Notre Dame.  Lisa makes a point of going there for the roasted chicken and the cat that lurks about (except we heard the unfortunate news that the cat recently passed away...).  The meal was simply fantastic!  As starters, we ordered the escargot, leaks and mushrooms.  I forgot how great escargot was, especially when drenched in flavorful butter!  Lisa had her chicken, while Cecilia and I split a duck.  The waiter came by the table to show us how it looked whole.  Just as we finished our plates, our second course arrived…the rest of the duck!  It was too good not to eat and we still couldn’t pass up dessert- heavenly Iles Flottantes (French for Floating Island).


Mykita Olsen Sunnies at the Marché Biologique.  Here, you can get the most amazing potato pancakes.  These pancakes are in high demand (with good reason)! The handsome man with blue eyes wasn’t very friendly (that Parisian sort of charm...)- he would hardly crack a smile, but when the mix was running out, he seemed to take pleasure in telling us that we might miss out on his pancakes… Luckily, we got the last two!  They were well worth the wait.

 Lisa in Gold Ida pumps by Chrissie Morris paired with Maria La Rosa lurex socks and me in my favorite Silver Tabi Boots (again) around Vendome Court.  Believe it or not, this actually was not planned!


Rounded Toe Mary Janes by Chloe en route to dinner at Le Servan.  Le Servan was my favorite spot this trip.  First off, the wine “Red is Dead” was incredibly unusual- it had a sort of rich earthy taste that was hard to place.  We started with black sausage-stuffed fried won tons-the most fancy and delicious won tons...  And the tartare was undeniably the best I’ve ever had.  It was topped with mint, hot peppers and coated peanuts.  Lisa loved the Roasted Chicken that was spiced with ginger and citrus.  It was explosive in flavor with just enough crunch.  We ended with another glass of wine and an oozing fig tart.

An #artselfie Allan Kaprow’s Rearrangeable Walls while wearing Tortoise Patent Leather Sock Boots by Margiela.  Centre Pompidou is of course is a must-see…the permanent collection is unmatched.  I spent a good deal of time in front of my favorite Sonia Delaunay painting, Electric Prisms.  The Atelier Brancusi in front of Centre Pompidou is also fantastic.  The space is arranged exactly according to how Brancusi left his studio.  You can see the interplay of spatial relationships and form. It places an emphasis on how he considered the space surrounding the objects just as equally as the objects themselves.

An 0.88 by Philippe Airaud appointment on location at Cafe Charlot.  I love the newest pieces!  I wore my understated 0.88 rings and hoop earrings all week.  And for the record, Cafe Charlot serves up a great Negroni!  Later in the week, we spotted an 0.88 bracelet on the wrist of our Ann Demeulemeester looks so great worn in and formed to the wrist!

Lastly, we ran into our friend Linda wearing the new Carbon Pegged Heel Booties by Haider Ackermann...she said she had been wearing them all week!

Alas, I'm back to my taco truck sort of life and simple beach days. It was a great trip, but I’m happy to be home! I think I need a trip to the spa to sweat out all of these wine-filled nights… ;)

Posted by Lucy Bull On October 16, 2015
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