I like to pack light, so packing for a trip can sometimes get tricky.  When it comes to a travel shoe, I like something that goes with everything that I can wear for miles.  The Painter's Heel by Cherevichkiotvichki is just that- versatile, classic and comfortable.  The carry-on? The new Black Drum Bag 12 by The Row- nice and roomy. And the hat? The Courchavel Hat by Filùhats- it can be rolled up when packed and popped back into shape for easy wear.   

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Beaded Straps & Fringe Tassles

The latest shipment of Row bags are here! The Drum bags are perfect for day. Black? Cream? Or the ultra luxurious copper calfskin with the hand beaded strap? The silk Wristlets have tassels that are impossible not to play with. Extra long black silk or faded pink-to-paprika ombré?

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Meet Ginger, Leticia & Flora.

With Ginger, Leticia & Flora, we are pleased to introduce Tabitha Simmons to our Mona Moore roster.  We think they are the best kind of heels- flirty, feminine and fun- just as they should be!  Ginger is my favorite; it's the ultimate electric blue- International Klein Blue, anyone?  Leticia also shines in its velvet fiery red.  Everyone needs some passion in their lives.  And then there's Flora.  Oh, Flora.  She's fun to clash with some stripes.  The sexy cut, toe cleavage and all, is why we love her.

Tabitha Simmons is the winner of the CFDA Accessories Designer of the Year Award. She's also one of the most stylish moms in the fashion industry and she certainly understands what women want.
These heels all measure to a comfortable 3 inches...
All hail Tabitha!

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Introducing Kjaer Weis: certified organic make up, made in Italy.

We rarely feature cosmetics, but Kjaer Weis has really impressed us.  The line is certified organic, free of chemicals, and full of natural botanicals like sweet almond oil, lemon peel, gardenia, and rose extracts. They use coconut oil, honeysuckle, and rosemary as natural preservatives - much like the homemade kind our hippie friends make in LA.  

We have the cream blush, the lip tint, and the Allure Beauty Award winning highlighter.  All the colors in our collection are meant to be classics that are easy to wear.  

On top of it all, the packaging is exquisite.  The metal compact design by Marc Atlan is the perfect weight and makes a satisfying click.  
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